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Our staff are passionate about plants. We share our exploration of botanical uses, latest nutritional science, technology, and new discoveries, so check back often for everything from plant properties discussions to novel medicinal applications to recipes taking advantage of health-creating foods. For informational purposes only.

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Are You Suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (1329)
If you find yourself tired and feeling lackluster on a regular basis, you may be one of the millions of people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. So what can you do to deal with lack of energy?
Keeping your brain in good health is critical to staving off age-related problems in later life. There are ideal foods to eat to make sure your brain stays at optimal function, and to prevent degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.

St Johns Wort is the Happiness Herb

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (2037)
One of the most fascinating medicinal plants is St Johns Wort. Recent studies have confirmed that it can be highly beneficial for people with moderate depression. We look into its mystique.
Counting calories started as a fad decades ago, but is pretty ubiquitous these days. The truth is that you are wasting time with something that will not work and we explain why.

Why Junk Food Should be Banished From Your Diet

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (892)
Next time you reach for that junk food or fast food, consider this study that shows that eating this type of food can very quickly change your brain and re-wire you to only crave this food. Not only will you gain weight and ruin your health, but you will become unable to choose healthy food in the future.

L-Theanine Benefits for Mood, Sleep & Weight Loss

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (71378)
Of all the beneficial compounds in green tea, L-theanine may be the most useful. It has proven effects for reducing anxiety and stress, improving mental function and focus, improving relaxation and sleep, and even for losing weight. Find out more about this key amino acid.

Cooking Up Healthy Weight Loss with Fat Burning Foods

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (1122)
Creating a diet that turns your body into a fat burning machine is easy when you have a plan. Follow this recipe for delicious meals that will help you lose weight as you eat.

Calorie Restriction is a Gulp from the Fountain of Youth

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (1359)
Caloric restriction as a technique is still poorly understood and may be the best option we have for prolonging and maximizing our life and health. In this post, we de-mystify the subject and lay out how to best approach CR to reap the clear benefits.

How Guggul Can Help You Stay Trim

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (14237)
Guggul has been used for centuries to promote good health and to help lose extra weight. The gum resin of this thorny little plant has many benefits. We examine the science behind this useful botanical.

Caffeine Can Offer a Myriad of Health Benefits

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (31206)
Coffee is the most widely consumed food on the planet, but there are a lot of health benefits to caffeine that you may not know about and may surprise you. Get a full serving of what caffeine can do for you.
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