Losing Weight the Right Way

Losing Weight the Right Way

After a crazy holiday season, we are finally back to normal and looking forward to an exciting new year. Our supplements business traditionally gets a significant bump at this time due to the new year's resolutions. Typically, losing the holiday / excess weight and getting into shape are the most common resolutions and so people buy more diet and weight loss pills and plans and programs in the effort to get it done as fast and easily as possible.

There are no easy ways to lose weight!

But this year I would like to start off with a short and simple post about the best way to lose weight. I have said this many times before, but after watching a recent piece on CNN about the percentage of Americans that are overweight and obese, I was struck by just how poorly all these approaches and efforts are working. There are so many companies trying to sell you something to make losing weight quick and simple that it is dizzying. But if people are not losing the weight, then clearly there is something wrong.

I want to reiterate my previous solutions in simple terms so we can make a successful plan for 2016 weight loss goals.

Forget the powders you sprinkle on food, forget the special diets, forget starving yourself, and forget pills that claim to do the job for you. Here's all you need to understand:

Proper weight control is about providing sufficient nutrition to maintain full health at a caloric intake that is below your caloric expenditure in a way that maximizes your efficiency.

We all know that if you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. That's a start, but the lessons we have learned demand that we use certain principles to guide us in a holistic methodology.

Here is the short version of healthy weight loss.

Caloric restriction is fundamental to good health. That is an established fact. Moreover, research also shows that one of the keys to weight loss success is to make certain your body is utilizing all its resources each day. Essentially it comes down to eating the right kinds of foods, lean protein, fruits, vegetables and nuts, in the right amounts, at the right times. Keep your caloric consumption in a window each day so that you are eating while you are also most active, and eat smaller meals more often. Then allow at least 8-12 hours in the evening and at night when you do not eat so you use all your glucose stores. Science shows that this will naturally turn your body into an efficient machine.

Then add physical exercise to the mix, and maximize your NEAT, or non-exercise thermal activity. We have plenty of posts on these for more information. My point here is to cut through all the gimmicky stuff to get to the heart of what will really work long term. The reason why we make APPETITE AWAY, our weight loss supplement, is because the one area where people do need help and where it makes sense is appetite control. We do not make supplements that do the job of weight loss for you. That just does not work. There is no quick and easy system for losing weight. There are no shortcuts. That's the clear message we see from research.

We feel that a weight control supplement can help in two main areas: preventing hunger and making it easier to keep caloric intake down (minimize the urge to snack;) and helping the body burn as many calories as possible from the activity it gets. Any more than that and you are heading for failure. Diets and pills do not get you there.

Employ tools to help you achieve the right results in the right way. My own experience has shown me the truth of this. I used this multi-prong approach and it worked for the first time in my life. I turned my body into a fat burning machine automatically without anything too drastic. By tweaking my diet, my intake, my expenditure, and the timing, I lost weight successfully and found it so much easier than all my previous attempts. There are numerous discussions on our blog about how to target each one of the areas -- check those out for more details.

So forget the gimmicks and quick solutions. Make a concerted effort to use the holistic method, planning out the right food to eat, when to eat it, and how to burn it off. I promise you will enjoy success, so pass it on and let's get that weight under control once and for all. Best of all, because the right approach will become automatic, you can stop thinking about weight loss, which frees up all that negative energy for something positive.

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