The Best Way to Take Energy Boosting CNS Stimulant Supplements

The Best Way to Take Energy Boosting CNS Stimulant Supplements

Natural energy supplements to boost your vitality, stamina and focus may be very useful at times, but it is important to use them intelligently to maximize results and minimize problems.

Guidelines for using stimulants or energy boost supplements:

1) Understand your daily rhythm and have a plan for the best time and method to take the energy pill (when is your energy low and when do you need more energy.) Research has shown that the most common time for an energy slump is 2.15pm when workers feel drained and unable to concentrate in the afternoon. Find out when you most need a pick-me-up? If it's late morning, or mid-afternoon, make sure you have fully digested any meal and take the pep supplement half an hour before an energy boost is required.

2) Make sure you drink plenty of water with the dosage and also throughout the day. Water plays many critical roles including keeping your system hydrated and functioning, flushing toxins that can leave you feeling fatigued, and regulating body temperature (which can of course increase with stimulant use.) 

3) Try a small snack half an hour after taking the energy enhancing supplement to prevent any stomach irritation and to provide nutrients for the body to work from. We find that anything with vitamin c is especially effective, so some fruit is good. Keep it small though.

4) Have a schedule for the week as well so as to give your body time to accomodate. If you need a daily boost, we recommend taking the energy supplement for 3 days on and then one day off. This helps to minimize consistent demands on the adrenal system and prevents your body from developing a resistance to the energy booster (which can lead to taking increased dosages.)

5) Don't forget to take time to slow down. If you are using the supplement to give you the burst of energy you need to get the most out of a workout, remember your muscles are going to need some time to recover and repair. Don't use any stimulants in the evening. Get enough sleep. Reducing the amount of pressure you have on both your body and your mind can help you be at your best the next day and help you fight off that fatigue.

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    • Avatar
      Jun 26, 2014

      I am a long time devotee of your Jumpstart and I also find that when I take a few days off, the effect really comes back stronger.

    • Avatar
      Chongo Mumba
      Jun 18, 2014

      I used to drink 5 red bulls a day. Plus I dont know how many coffees. Had to cut them out, couldn't sleep, but a supplement would work.

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