Emotional Techniques to Boost Your Energy Levels

Emotional Techniques to Boost Your Energy Levels

Given how common it is for people to ask "how do I get more energy", I wanted to address an aspect of boosting your energy levels that is highly effective, easy to do, and often overlooked. One of the surest and fastest ways to get your system fired up and raring to go is to employ emotional engagement. Basically, certain mental or emotional states have a stimulating (or depressing) effect on the brain. Put yourself in the right state and you have an instant pick-me-upEnergy is a fundamental aspect of emotion -- the two are always linked. What we need are some tactics for shifting from a low energy state to a high energy state.

While you can come up with an infinite number of variations, these examples will give you a launching pad.

Emotional engagement. Being happy is key!

Anything that makes you happy elevates your energy levels. In a study done at the University of California, Riverside, people who experienced more positive emotions reported having more energy. It may seem obvious to say it, but when you are feeling down, your energy levels drop. So in order to get an instant energy boost, we simply need some techniques to get us into the right state of mind.

Music to raise your spirits and your energy.

Everyone has those songs that whenever you play them, they make you feel better. Music is very powerful and can change your state in an instant. Research has shown that music does soothe the savage beast, reducing anxiety, lowering blood pressure, and lowering production of stress hormones (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18563971.)

A study at Ohio State University found that it "may increase feel-good hormones and improve your fitness per­formance." Students in the study who were tested while listening to music performed better on cognitive and physical tasks than people without music. I can speak authoritatively about the power of AC/DC to get me charged up in a moment. Think "Eye of the Tiger" from Rocky.

Moreover, singing along with music also has a pep effect. Loud singing forces more oxygen into the blood (and can increase adrenaline), which in turn, boosts energy, as shown in a 2008 study done at Sam Houston State University.

And what works for music also works for aromas. Choosing the right aromatherapy can work wonders for a positive energy. Most people have their own favorite, but for me, orange essence gets my energy levels up every time.

Humor as an energy boost.

"A clown is like an aspirin, only he works twice as fast."   - Groucho Marx

Another fast way to get your energy up is through laughter. Humor and laughter are known to boost immune function and energy levels while reducing stress and pain. In a 1992 study, Seaward reports "humor and laughter are currently being employed by psychotherapists and other care givers as tools to promote and maintain health, as well as intervention and rehabilitation tools for a host of maladies and illnesses related to stress and life-style." Laughter not only increases energy, but also releases 'feel-good' endorphins and relieves tension throughout the body. Laughter therapy is a legitimate technique used in many disorders including cancer.

Here are some simple ways to get your energy levels up:
  • Embrace the smile. Practice smiling until it becomes second nature. A smile often leads to a laugh, even with nothing funny happening.
  • Gravitate toward laughter. Anytime you hear anyone engaged in anything humorous, try to get involved, or always encourage it. Spend more time with people who are filled with humor.
  • Be grateful. Gratitude is the foundation of happiness.
  • Keep your favorite funny book or comedian on hand. I personally find reading Douglas Adams makes me laugh every time.
  • Embrace your inner jester. It doesn't matter if you are naturally comedic, just make it a regular part of your day to gain the benefits.

Social activity to elevate mood and energy.

Humans are social animals. Biologically speaking, we need the company of others to remain healthy. In addition to gravitating towards laughter, also choose to spend your time with positive people whose company you enjoy. Not only will their energy and emotional state influence yours, but the release of oxytocin is very powerful. Oxytocin, often nicknamed the love or bliss hormone, is secreted in the brain and promotes feeling of connectedness and emotional health. It is often called the great facilitator of life, released into regions of the brain that are involved in emotional, cognitive, and social behaviors, quickly reducing stress, and leading to a fast boost of energy as well as elevated mood. Sometimes just talking to a good friend on the phone is enough to get the positive energy flowing.

Make sure to be a positive influence on others too, for being loving, compassionate and caring is a sure fire method for creating a positive and elevating energy around you.

Physical activity to put a pep in your step.

Finally, a tried and true method for raising your energy is to exercise. There is a fine balance here, so don't overdo it. Exercise not only gets your energy moving throughout the body but also promotes the release of 'feel-good' endorphins. My go-to approach is a 5-10 minute jumping jack routine which gets me going quickly.

I also include in this section the techniques of breathing (sometimes called fire breathing.) Certain methods of breathing are very effective at boosting your energy. Try this: breathe in deeply, then exhale completely. Inhale again, and exhale in short bursts through your nostrils by contracting your abdominals quickly 8 to 10 times. Dr Weil has an excellent 4-7-8 technique that also works really well.

Of course, anything that elevates your mood and makes you happier will also elevate your energy level. Find your own methods that work for you, but no matter what approach you take, focusing on a positive mental and emotional state will ensure that you are full of energy and ready to take on life's challenges. Of course, you can also try our remarkable nutritional energy complex for an added boost.

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