How the Potent Pomegranate Keeps You Young

How the Potent Pomegranate Keeps You Young

To stay younger and healthier for longer, look to the pomegranate.

Pomegranate has been making news again recently. For years we have been hearing about the health benefits of pomegranates, another of the so called "super fruits" with potent anti-oxidants that fight off free radicals, stave off aging decline, and boost immune systems. Our own research has shown consistently that the benefits are real, and now more clinical studies are adding to the reasons to make pomegranate a regular part of your diet.

Research suggests that one compound in particular in pomegranate is likely responsible for its positive effects. Punicalagins are ellagitannins (polyphenols), large molecules in pomegranate that are powerful anti-oxidants, and are more than three times as potent as the heavy hitters, red wine and green tea. In previous posts we talked about the range of benefits of anti-oxidants, but pomegranate has shown itself to have remarkable positive effects on inflammation in the body. 

According to a two-year project at the University of HuddersfieldAlzheimer's disease can be slowed and some symptoms lessened, and severe inflammation from diseases like arthritis, cancer, and Parkinson's can be reduced, by punicalagins in pomegranate. Scientists believe they inhibit inflammation in specialized brain cells called micrologia, which would otherwise lead to their destruction, causing neuro-deterioration and worsening conditions. Researchers reported that pomegranate's benefits are useful for any condition that causes inflammation in the body.

A whole range of important health effects.

Studies done at the University of Naples, and the University of California Los Angeles showed that the anti-oxidant compounds in pomegranates retard plaque build up in the arteries. An Israeli study showed that "atherosclerotic lesions in the carotid artery decreased by 35 percent in size while actually growing by 9 percent in the control group," clearly linking pomegranate to improved blood flow to the brain and thus reduced risk of clots and hardening of the arteries. And a study by the California Preventive Medicine Research Institute, found that pomegranate significantly improved stress related ischemia (decreased blood supply to the heart caused by either a constriction or obstruction of blood vessels.) It also showed impressive effects on cyclic GMP levels, more evidence of the powerful benefits to heart health.

The impressive list of pomegranate's benefits continue to rack up. The majority of antioxidants are in the skin, and are well preserved (bio-available) when dried properly. Research shows that the punicalagins maintain their potency in supplement form, and when combined with resveratrol, provide amazing health rewards. We have long used it to great effect in our own anti-oxidant, organic anti-aging supplement, ResveraYouth. If you are looking for a way to fight off aging and mental decline, boost your immune function, improve your cardiovascular system, lower blood pressure, and keep your body at peak health, get the powerful pomegranate into your diet today.

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