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JUMPSTART EX (Bottle 60)

Energy Mood Support Supplement (60 Capsules)

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Be at Your Best!

JUMPSTART EX is a natural, premium quality nootropic CNS energy stimulant supplement with mood enhancers scientifically-designed to support peak physical and mental performance and a positive disposition to help you be at your best. This remarkable vitality supplement has ingredients to increase metabolism, help cells burn energy more efficiently, reduce appetite, enhance focus, and promote an improved mood.

It's quick, convenient, and highly effective -- the absolute best natural way to get fully energized, focused, enthusiastic, and in a flow state. This is smart nutrition at its most advanced.

The unique JUMPSTART EX formula helps maximize energy function in three areas.

1. ENERGY & FOCUS: It contains a precise balance of stimulants to enhance energy production more evenly over time without jitteriness, increasing focus and attentiveness, and helping the body convert stored fat into energy more efficiently.

2. MOOD: It has ingredients that help promote the production of the "feel-good" neurotransmitters in the brain like serotonin and dopamine that are responsible for feelings of well being and for mental focus and concentration.

3. SUPPORT: Most importantly, it has a complex of synergistic co-factors of vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, and antioxidants that not only enhance the effects of the supplement and provide critical support to the body, they also promote homeostasis and reduce sensitivity to physical stress.

JUMPSTART EX is simply a better way to be at your best.

Advanced nutritionists are impressed by the complex right away. It will not overwhelm your body with harmfully excessive doses of stimulants like most other pedestrian energy pills, drinks, shots and supplements, but is intelligently and precisely engineered to give you a balanced, controlled, even boost to body, mind and to your spirits.

It will help to get you operating at peak performance levels for hours without negative effects or nervousness, and without calories, artificial ingredients or preservatives.

We guarantee you'll love JUMPSTART EX and your body will too.


What to expect from the unique JUMPSTART effect:

    • Increased energy boost in correct balance;
    • Sharpened focus and concentration;
    • Enhanced stamina and performance;
    • Heightened sense of satisfaction and emotional well-being ;
    • Increased ATP production;
    • Stimulated carbohydrate conversion into energy;
    • Increased oxygen utilization.

You will notice the energy formula's difference as soon as you take it and your energy and spirits start to soar and that trademark JUMPSTART EX smile (now famous thanks to Cameron Diaz!) spreads over you.

Ashton Kutcher gives Cameron Diaz JUMPSTART EX Energy pills
JUMPSTART EX Featured in 'What Happens in Vegas'
with Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz.

"I read all the feedback and thought: 'yeah, right!' I decided though to give a try as too many people talked about it so positive. I know it sounds cliche to write all these but honestly, truly and genuinely I have found JUMPSTART EX working wonders. I don't feel tiredness at all and I sleep through the night really well. Simply, it is a fantastic product worth every penny and anyone who is a bit hesitant, please don't be, you will be amazed how it will influence on your daily life in a very, very positive way."
Dea R. - Kettering, UK

(Note: results will vary from person to person.)

Energy Pill Supplement

Give JUMPSTART EX a try and experience nutrition that will help your body to optimal vitality, focus, and positivity, and help you to be your best.

The JUMPSTART EX energy supplement is superior to anything like it.


These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. The FDA does not evaluate or test herbs. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Consult with your care provider before beginning use. Use as per instructions and as with any supplement, always watch for any allergic reactions.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Vegetarian Capsule
Amount Per Serving: 800mg
Ingredient Amount Daily Value
Vitamin C (natural ascorbic acid) 30mg 33%
Vitamin B-3 (niacinimide) 20mg 30%
Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine) 5mg 28%
Vitamin B-12 (methyl-cobalamin) 2mcg 65%
Magnesium (magnesium citrate) 10mg 85%
Kola Nut 20mg *
Caffeine (Anhydrous) 120mg *
Guarana 20mg *
Acetyl-L-Carnitine 10mg *
DMAE 10mg *
Proprietary Mix:  500mg  *
L-Theanine   *
L-Tyrosine   *
DL- Phenylalanine   *
Sweet Flag (US)   *
Rhodiola Rosea   *
Siberian Ginseng    *
Schizandra    *
Bioperine®   *
* Daily value not established    
 Other Ingredients:Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid,
 Microcrystalline Cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, and silicon dioxide

Warning: Contains tyrosine. Not to be used with MAO inhibitor drugs. If you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or breastfeeding, consult your health care professional before using this product.

What's in
JUMPSTART EX Energy Mood Stimulant
that makes it so effective?

The formula works in three distinct, complementary areas.

The first area is the energy component. We have combined a specific amount of anhydrous caffeine with guarana and kola nut that have tannins and polyphenols attached to the caffeine molecules which result in less stomach irritation and slower absorption rates. Ginseng and Acetyl-L-Carnitine combine with key vitamins and minerals to optimize cellular energy function.

The second area are the mood effectors which promote the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine that improve disposition and feelings of pleasure. Our proprietary blend of L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, DL-Phenylalanine and rhodiola ingredients have clinically proven positive effects on mood and focus. Research and testing shows that this unique blend has beneficial countereffects on depressive states, helping to rejuvenate your mind and spirit with feelings of enthusiasm, focus, and mental well-being.

The final area of effect is to provide support to the body as it is being energized. JUMPSTART EX incorporates key B vitamins, magnesium, antioxidants like vitamin C and kola nut, and adaptogens like rhodiola, ginseng and schizandra which promote homeostasis and reduce sensitivity to stress. This allows this remarkable energy support formulation to have a broad ranging benefit to your vitality and mentality while minimizing any stress on your system in the process.

The JUMPSTART EX energy pill is a true smart formula (nootropic), crafted to be different, to be safer, and to intelligently address the best way of boosting energy. This energy supplement will give you a boost without the downsides of extra sugar calories, artificial colors or preservatives, excessive stress to the system, crashes or side-effects. We have done all the research to make sure this is the healthiest, smartest, most effective way to get a pick-me-up in both body and mind.

Here's what's in it:

Energy Boosting Ingredients ENERGY COMPONENT:

Guarana is a South American berry that contains very high concentrations of caffeine (guaranine) and is used as a stimulant and appetite suppressant. For thousands of years, natives of the Amazon used the seed extract to help maintain stamina and physical endurance. Traditionally it was also used to assist in the relief of various ailments such as stress and nervous tension, weight control, headaches and hangovers. It is believed that due to the tannins and polyphenols attached to the caffeine molecule in its structure, it absorbs slower and causes less stomach irritation than caffeine from coffee. One study in 2006 at the University of Northumbria, showed evidence that guarana positively effected focus, memory and mood / disposition.

Kola Nut, also containing caffeine, indicates a strong stimulating effect on the central nervous system. Kola nut is unique in its combination of tannins and antioxidants, which like guarana, cause caffeine to absorb more slowly over time, minimizing stress and stomach irritation.

Anhydrous Caffeine has proven in studies to have a positive effect on mood, endurance, performance, and focus.

Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero) has been used for centuries to help enhance sexual and athletic performance as well as boost the immune system. This herb was hailed last century as an "adaptogenic" (stress-protective) marvel. In a study of 36 children ranging in age from 3 to 17 years old, Ginseng was administered twice a day on an empty stomach for 4 weeks. At the end of the study, more than 70 percent of patients had experienced improvement in energy levels and on a widely used measure of attention problem symptoms (Lyon MR et al 2001).

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC) is an amino acid that supplies energy resources to mitochondria and is used to turn fat into energy. Although the body produces enough of its own ALC, supplementation improves the ability of certain tissues to produce energy, and has been shown in clinical studies to benefit cognitive ability, memory and mood.

Mood Boosting Ingredients MOOD COMPONENT:

DL-Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid found in common protein foods. With the help of essential cofactors (such as pyridoxine, a form of vitamin B6, which is used with B12 to activate many of the critical ingredients), the body transforms phenylalanine in a series of steps into the amino acid tyrosine and then into the important neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenaline. A 1985 study found that DLPA improved the mood and mood stability of subjects with attention deficit disorder, and claimed that phenylalanine can increase mental alertness (Grevet et al. 2002.)

L-Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid synthesized in the body from phenylalanine. It is an important nutritional ingredient and factor for biosynthesis of the brain neurotransmitters epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine (key to positive mood.) By promoting the production of "feel-good" chemicals in the brain, tyrosine is very beneficial to improving mood and disposition.

Tyrosine is also used to produce one of the major hormones, thyroxin, which plays an important role in controlling metabolic rate, skin health, mental health, and growth rate. Tyrosine has been tested on humans for increasing their endurance to anxiety and stress under fatigue. It was proven in research studies that tyrosine supplementation results in increased performance over a control group (Avraham et al. 2001).

L-Theanine, derived from green tea, is an amino acid that has a direct influence on brain activity, such as balancing, focusing, and reducing stress, increasing production of neurotransmitters, and effecting glutamate levels. At higher doses, it has the ability to relax the mind without causing drowsiness. Research has shown that L-theanine counteracts the jittery, speed-like effects of caffeine without reducing its mind-energizing, or fat-burning features. It is particularly helpful when combined with caffeine in supplements for this ability to balance "cellular nervousness."

L-theanine's benefits on mood are now well-accepted and it has actually been patented as a mood enhancer. (US Patent Application 20040171624; Japanese Patent Application 2001-253740.) Furthermore, stress hormones, common in our modern day life, cause imbalances in brain chemistry that disrupt production of serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and other key brain chemicals. Drugs that suppress these stress hormones (glucocorticoids) are used as treatments for depression. However, research is showing that people who are depressed also have glutamate levels that are out of balance. Preliminary studies suggest that glutamate antagonists like L-theanine, which block certain signals in the brain activated by glutamate, may be as effective as antidepressants (Functional antagonists at the NMDA receptor complex exhibit antidepressant actions. Eur J Pharmacol. 1990 Aug 21;185(1):1-10.)

A handful of studies have also looked at the combination of L-theanine and caffeine on various aspects of cognition and mood (eg, alertness, attention.) For instance, one study compared the effect of caffeine with and without L-theanine on cognition and mood in 27 participants. Researchers gave participants placebo, caffeine, or caffeine plus L-theanine and measured their performance on several cognitive tests at baseline and then at 60 and 90 minutes after treatment. They found that the combination of caffeine and L-theanine improved speed and accuracy in an attention-switching task, as well as reduced the likelihood of distraction during a memory task. JUMPSTART EX takes advantage of this research as part of its remarkable formulation.

One study measured alpha activity in the brain, which plays an important role in attention. Thirty-five participants were given either 50 mg of L-theanine or placebo. Electroencephalogram (EEG) tests were done at baseline and then at specified times afterwards (45, 60, 75, 90, and 105 minutes). Researchers found that there was a greater increase in alpha activity in those who took L-theanine compared to placebo, demonstrating that the amino acid had an effect on the participants’ general state of mental alertness and arousal.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine, as mentioned above, also influences mood. Several studies have researched carnitines role in affecting mood. One double-blind study of 60 seniors with mild depression found that treatment with ALC daily over a 2-month period significantly improved symptoms as compared to placebo.

DMAE, dimethylaminoethanol, is exceptionally beneficial in helping increase the brain's ability to produce neurotransmitters. Also referred to as a “cholinergic” (similar to choline), DMAE increases the levels of the acetylcholine, a chemical in the brain that regulates mental function. Results in clinical studies have shown that DMAE positively benefits focus and mental clarity as well as mood. One German sudy reported that "DMAE can be interpreted to induce a psychophysiological state of better feeling of wellbeing on both levels of analysis mood and electrical pattern of brain activity in subjects suffering from borderline emotional disturbance."

Health Boosting Ingredients SUPPORT COMPONENT:

Magnesium, Vitamin B3, B6, B12, C are all critically involved in numerous functions in the body including being direct effectors of cognitive function. A recent laboratory study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology reveals that an adequate amount of magnesium is necessary to maintain the "plasticity" of synapses - the connectors that move information from neuron to neuron in the brain. When synapses are flexible to change, learning and memory are enhanced. Magnesium is involved in more than 300 metabolic reactions. Other conditions that have been associated with a magnesium deficiency include depression, anxiety and attention deficit disorder. Research suggest low levels of magnesium are associated with attention problems (Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Neurology, Georgetown University Medical Center, Oct 2000.) In fact, magnesium has been called the 'miracle nutrient' by some for its many valuable benefits.

Vitamin B in its various forms has many functions in the body, including assisting in the synthesis of neurotransmitters and forming myelin, which protect nerves. At least three studies have demonstrated that the combination of magnesium and vitamin B6 improved behavior, decreased anxiety and aggression, and improved mobility among subjects with focus problems (Nogovitsina Mousain-Bosc M et al 2004).

Rhodiola Rosea is an excellent adaptogen which helps supports the adrenal glands, working with the body to reduce stress while boosting energy, balancing the stimulants so as to not overtax the system. One particularly interesting aspect of rhodiola is that it appears to work differently within the body than other adaptogens -- the best known of which is the very popular herb Siberian ginseng. Rhodiola's unique mechanism of action excites researchers because it means this herb may be able to provide a therapeutic alternative to established adaptogens.

Schizandra (Schizandra chinensis) of the family Schizandraceae, is a creeping vine with small red berries that is native to Northern China. As a traditional medicinal herb, Schizandra, called Wu-wei-tzu in China, has been used as a tonic for the treatment of chronic fatigue. Studies conducted on schizandra's effects have noted that the herb has a stimulating effect in low doses (Pharmacological studies on Schizandra fruit. I. General pharmacological effects of gomisin A and schizandrin (author transl). Maeda S, Sudo K, Aburada M, Ikeya Y, Taguchi H, Yoshioka I, Harada M.)

American Sweet Flag both helps energy production and also to prevent or minimize nervousness or jitteriness in the stomach, possibly by lowering the production of stomach bile.

Siberian Ginseng as mentioned above, has positive benefits as a boost to the immune system and has been hailed as an "adaptogenic" (stress-protective) marvel. In 1991 the German Commission E (the European authority on the use of plants in healing) made it official by declaring that it was highly effective in boosting the immune system.

Bioperine is an effector of other ingredients. It is known to have enhancing and synergizing properties and when used in a mix of ingredients, increases the interacting potency of each. 


As a synergistic blend, JUMPSTART EX is a remarkable energy support formulation. Just one dose and you'll feel fully charged and ready to be your best. We believe it's the healthiest and the most effective energy product you'll ever use.

Energy Stimulant Supplement Usage:

The energy formula is balanced with other support ingredients, so generally the larger your body size, and the more commonly you ingest stimulants (red bull, coffee, pepsi, etc), the higher the dose you will need. The general guide is 1 capsule for every 65 lbs of body weight.  Obviously, if you have food in your system, you will also need a higher dose.

It is important to create the right conditions for optimal effects because certain ingredients cannot easily cross the blood brain barrier when there are other competing amino acids in the blood stream, which occurs after eating a meal. When taken on an empty stomach, key nutrients are absorbed fully and will cross the blood brain barrier.

Here are the best two methods for use:

For a quicker effect, take 2 capsules on a completely empty stomach with at very least 8 fluid ounces of water or juice. You should feel the effects after 30 minutes. See how you respond and if necessary, increase the dosage by 1 capsule next time. If you feel any nervousness, eat a very small snack (fruit is best) 45 minutes later (this approach also prevents possible stomach discomfort.)  The most common dose is 3 capsules (think 1 capsule for energy, 1 for mood, and 1 for support.) Try to drink a glass of water every hour for a few hours after taking.

If you are more prone to stomach discomfort or nervousness with energy pills, eat a small meal first, wait till the meal is digested (usually an hour,) then take 2 capsules with at very least 8 fluid ounces of water or juice. You should feel the effects in 30 to 40 minutes.

Finally, it is best to stick to just one good stimulant, so give your body a chance to adjust to JUMPSTART EX’s healthier and smarter approach and it will then have optimum results.  Otherwise, expect its unique effects to get lost in the mix.  Remember, how you take the supplement is critical to its effectiveness. Human biochemistry is a complex mechanism and everybody reacts differently.

Check with your physician before using stimulants, or if you are taking other medication. Do not mix stimulants! Keep out of reach of children and store in a cool place away from direct light. See warnings tab.

Warnings Before Using Any CNS Stimulant

Anyone using energy supplements containing one or more stimulant ingredients for the first time should check with a physician beforehand. Because of the general effect products like energy pills and diet pills have on your metabolic rate, if you have high blood pressure, it could be dangerous taking anything that increases heart rate. If you take any heart or high blood pressure medicine, do not use stimulants.

If you have a family history of heart disease or any heart condition, are pregnant or nursing, you should not take energy supplements.

This product contains tyrosine and phenylalanine.  On occasion people report headaches or nausea from taking phenylalanine. Certain people should avoid all forms of phenylalanine supplements, such as anyone with high blood pressure and women who are pregnant or lactating. It should not be used by anyone taking MAO inhibitor antidepressants - combining phenylalanine and MAO inhibitors can lead to dangerously high blood pressure. Young children, anyone with psychosis, and those suffering from malignant melanoma or the condition known as phenylketonuria, a genetic disorder of phenylalanine metabolism, should also not take phenylalanine supplements.

Levodopa interacts with Tyrosine. Tyrosine might decrease how much levodopa the body absorbs. By decreasing how much levodopa the body absorbs, tyrosine might decrease the effectiveness of levodopa. Do not take tyrosine and levodopa at the same time.

Thyroid hormone interacts with Tyrosine. The body naturally produces thyroid hormones. Tyrosine might increase how much thyroid hormone the body produces. Taking tyrosine with thyroid hormone pills might cause there to be too much thyroid hormone. This could increase the effects and side effects of thyroid hormones.

Do not combine with adenosine, certain asthma medications (theophylline, beta agonists such as albuterol),  ciprofloxacin, clozapine, creatine, disulfiram, lithium, riluzole, or with other stimulants (e.g., amphetamines, methylphenidate).

Avoid drinking large amounts of beverages containing caffeine (coffee, tea, certain sodas) or eating large amounts of chocolate while taking this product. 

Needless to say, you should not take any energy boosting supplement too close to bedtime unless staying up all night is your goal. The first time you try any energy pill, take it early in the day to determine how long it will stay active in your system and keep your energy levels elevated. 

Everybody reacts differently to energy supplements depending on metabolism, weight, sex and physiology.

Women usually do not need the same amount as men to feel the effect. Start with half the dose just to be on the safe side and monitor how you react to it and how long you feel energized for. If the effect is not to your satisfaction, increase the dose but be careful about exceeding the recommended dose.

People that drink coffee, tea, caffeinated sodas, or use other stimulants like energy drinks or energy bars, don't usually get the same effect due to their bodies regular exposure and the consequent reduced sensitivity. Once you have experienced the unfettered effects of JUMPSTART EX, you will be happy to replace all your other stimulants with this healthier formula.

Never take more then one type of stimulant at the same time. Signs and symptoms that you have taken too much are nausea, sweats, heart palpitations, headaches and rapid pulse.

Lastly, stimulants place stress upon the body -- it's like revving your car engine constantly, even when stationary. The adrenal glands come under a lot of pressure and cause all sorts of consequences in all sorts of areas if continued unabated for extended periods of time. Do not take any stimulant continuously without regular breaks. JUMPSTART EX was developed specifically with this knowledge so as to place minimal stress on the adrenal system and has particular ingredients like rhodiola, schizandra, vitamin B's, and more that are adaptogens and actually support the adrenal system to help the body use the additional energy in a manageable and healthy way. JUMPSTART EX can thus be used more regularly without the damage done by other stimulants, but even JUMPSTART EX should not be taken every day without break. Pay attention to your body, but we recommend taking 2 days or so off for every week of daily use. 

Energy Mood Supplement Reviews & Testimonials

The testimonials below do not represent claims regarding the effectiveness of JUMPSTART EX to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

"I was so excited I greedily swallowed another ..."

JUMPSTART EX was the one I went for. I have tried many combinations of different health products from my local Health Store and I was paying excessively for things that never seemed to work. I got it in my head that I was some kind of special case that no amount of remedy would have its effects especially here in the UK, being that Health shops are restricted to sell certain categories. When I first tried JUMPSTART EX from my free sample pack, I thought Pfaaaa! knowing me I'll need to double the dosage, but persevered with 2 for starters, I followed the rules and although I hate water, I drank a half pint glass with them half an hour after some morning cerials, an hour later and I started to get giddy and realized that for once something was finally working on me, the hours wore on and I started to do work on my old classic car that was beginning to bore me. By now I knew that JUMPSTART EX was going to earn its place in my life, I was so excited I greedily swallowed another around afternoon. I worked all day on the old car till 9pm at night and could have gone longer, I went to bed and awoke about 4am as nature called, the effects were still with me and in no way did they effect my sleep. Whatever your team of experts have done is probably a breakthrough and its a pity they are not for sale here in the UK... I have ordered more of JUMPSTART EX and intend to continue doing so. Well done guys, I will leave yet more feedback when I have had time to try more than just 3 samples.

Peter C. - Lancashire, GB


"What Happens in Vegas .. "

Saw your JUMPSTART EX energy product in the movie "What Happens in Vegas" and after loving that scene (Ashton, I so wanted to do this to my ex too) I figured I'd try some just for fun. I actually wasn't expecting anything, hadn't heard about you before, but wow, I was blown away! This stuff is really wicked. Felt great, sharp, full of verve, good stuff. No wonder Cameron Diaz got so excited. -SMIRK- Well done.

Terry P. - Chicago, IL


"like no other supplement I have ever tried .. "

This is it! This is the stuff I was searching for! This is like no other supplement I have ever tried, and I am telling you how much I'm addicted to it. I have wasted so much freaking money on crazy supplements. These are by far the most amazing pills I have ever taken! It's hard to explain with words how great they actually make you feel. If you want an edge on everything you do, these are it. When I pop two of these, it usually starts setting in within 15 minutes. It depends what you take with it. About 30-60 minutes later...it really starts kicking in. I start feeling extremely happy. I start getting really motivated and confident in everything. It helps you be so positive. You just feel like you can accomplish anything. I really wanted to thank you 4 Organics.

Joel H. - Brush Prairie, WA


"honestly, truly and genuinely I have found Jumpstart EX working wonders .. "

I could not believe that there is a cure for my lack of energy, lack of motivation and feeling down. I came across this website and JUMPSTART EX tablets. I read all the feedback and thought: "yeah, right!" I decided though to give a try as too many people talked about it so positive. Now, I have to say, I am pleased to be one of those people! I know it sounds cliche to write all these but honestly, truly and genuinely I have found Jumpstart EX working wonders. I don't feel tiredness at all and I sleep through the night really well. Simply, it is a fantastic product worth every penny and anyone who is a bit hesitant, please don't be, you will be amazed how it will influence on your daily life in a very, very positive way. Enjoy it, I already do! Just to add, that the customer support for this website is absolutely brilliant. Thank you all for reading and thank you 4 Organics for the remarkable product.

Dea R. - Kettering, UK


"... a nice, "clean," energy that stimulates and kind of wakes up my mind .. "

I'd tried energy drinks, foods and supplements that made me feel jittery and talkative, but they never did exactly what I needed -- a brain wake up! That is why I'm so fond of JUMPSTART EX energy's effects on me. I feel balanced, somewhat more pleasant, calmer headed and like doing more. The effects usually aren't intense, but incredibly noticeable. I can go from being dead exhausted to actually feeling like doing some activity for a few hours before I start feeling the exhaustion come through again. I don't know if this makes sense, but I describe the energy from JUMPSTART EX as a nice, "clean," energy that stimulates and kind of wakes up my mind.

Kendra R. - Trenton, GA


"alert and focused until I go to bed .. "

I suffer from sleep apnea and nothing has helped me keep from becoming sleepy around supper time until I tried JUMPSTART EX. I thought I would sooner or later die at the wheel if I didn't find something to help keep me awake. I have finally found it! I take two pills around lunch time with a few oranges and some orange juice. I don't feel "stimulated" but rather alert and focused until I go to bed. My life has changed! Thank you!

Fred L. - Ontario, Canada


"I have more energy and feel fantastic!"

I am so happy I found your website! I have tried everything for my chronic fatigue and finally have found the answer to my prayers! JUMPSTART EX!!! It is fantastic! I have more energy and feel fantastic! THANK YOU! I am recommending JUMPSTART EX to all my friends! You all are a lifesaver.

Lisa L. - Melbourne, FL


"I cannot believe how I felt ... "

I cannot believe how I felt and it was not until the day after when I was reflecting on how I had felt the previous 2 days. The first day I took 2 and the second day I took 4. I felt really confident even more than usual, i also was dealing with things better than usual, I have a stressful job at times; and things just seemed to bounce off me and I had more patience to deal with everything. I would recommend this product, you do have to drink water and would not advise mixing with caffeine or caffeine containing products. I would recommend anyone to try this product for themselves if they are not sure.

John M. - Glasgow, GB


"... awesome power pill!"

This quick testimonial letter is being composed because for years I have been dealing with high blood pressure concerns, and had to avoid caffeine products and alike I have been searching for an all-natural herbal way to stimulate a solid flame of attention, plus i needed more inner physical energy! I tried many vitamin products and every form of herbal tea. But it was not until I tried your JUMPSTART EX that I found something close to what I desired and required. I thank you very much for your research and fabulous development with this awesome power pill! I was so impressed. Thank you for your awesome product line and for letting Mother Nature show us the real way to maintain our precious health.

Bill M. - Pittsfield, MA


"... a truly fantastic product."

Dear 4 Organics, I would like to congratulate you on a truly fantastic product (JUMPSTART EX). I have previously researched and sampled various energy and mood enhancing supplements and have never been satisfied with the results. I was at first sceptical when reading your claims about JUMPSTART EX, but thought I would try it, never expecting it to be as good as it is. And let me tell you it REALLY IS THAT GOOD!! I have been very stressed at work recently and as a result have not been sleeping well. I have also been eating junk food as a result of the stress. JUMPSTART EX has not only given me HUGE amounts of energy but has helped me sleep better, stopped me craving for chocolate and junk food and also LIFTED MY MOOD and given me a much more positive outlook on life. IT'S AMAZING!!! Some other PEP pills I tried in the passed have left me feeling anxious and jittery but JUMPSTART EX really feels different. I don't get the jitters and feel as though JSX is working with my body in a natural way. If anyone is reading this, thinking of trying JUMPSTART EX and feeling sceptical, or thinking this is all just hype, then please reconsider. THIS DOES REALLY WORK!! The fact that FREE samples are available should also tell you something of the confidence 4 Organics have in their products and so they should. I can't stress enough the quality of this product and how it has improved my life. A BIG THANK YOU to 4 Organics !!

Mark W. - Essex. GB


"...thank you for making this wonderful product."

I wanted to thank you for making this wonderful product. I work and have young children and was looking for something to naturally give you a little extra energy to get through your day and JUMPSTART EX has definitely done it!!!! I will be back for more- THANK YOU!!!

Natasha D. - Glenville. NY


"This really helped me to make it thru the day."

I tried JUMPSTART EX. I took one at work around 11am, and it lasted until around 9pm. I don't feel that i had any side effects. I liked the fact that I didn't get sick to my stomach after taking it. I ate a banana first, and then took the capsule. I didn't have the shakes or any other noticeable issue with the product. I kept going thru the day without becoming sleepy or cranky. I have 2 children and a husband who can be very demanding. This really helped me to make it thru the day. Thank you!!

Kelly M. - Columbus, OH


"I have honestly never felt so energized."

First of all I would like to thank all of you for dedicating so much time to help people like me who suffer from unwanted mental-physical fatigue. It's really encouraging to know that there is hope out there. My friend recently let me try JUMPSTART EX, and WOW! I have honestly never felt so energized, so confident, and quite so motivated in about 5 years! Its like I tried to catch up all that I have I have missed within all that time and compact it in a whole day. Why has no one in Montreal heard of this amazing discovery? I am so happy that I have found you folks! Once again, a very big thank you for all the time and knowledge you obviously put into research.

S. Tutt - QC, CA


"I couldn't believe it what a difference."

I have tried every multivitimans and supplements under the sun for lethargy. Then I came across the free sample of JUMPSTART EX. I couldn't believe it what a difference. I no longer feel tired during the day and I wake up every morning feeling like a million dollars! Thank You 4 Organics. Consider me a regular customer.

G. Macguire - Dublin, UK


"... you feel great taking it."

I have not yet experienced any other product that really works as well as JUMPSTART EX. You really do lose the weight, it really does give you the energy you need to fullfil your day and you feel great taking it. You don't have the jitters like you normally would with all of the others I have tried. I truly believe in this product and recommend it to everyone I get a chance to talk about it with.

Dori L. - Jewett, OH



I just wanted to express my appreciation for your company. I received the free samples really fast, quite a few more than I expected I might add, and not only were there enough to decide I love JUMPSTART EX, but all I paid was a couple of dollars shipping for it all. It is worth saying that you make a quality product (I bought a big bottle of JSX and am absolutely loving it) and you have a real quality approach to business. Thanks also for the extra gifts you included with my purchase, you are so unusual a company I just had to write and say kudos and keep it up. You have a customer for life.

Teena G. - Jacksonville, FL


"This product is the Bomb..."

This product is the Bomb (diggy) ... I've only used it for a couple of days but I have to say, I don't need to buy monster drinks any longer and I'm extremely happy about this...I needed something that would take away my fatigue but is more healthy and yes sir-ree...I am a JUMPSTART EX customer FOR LIFE. Good job 4 Organics.

Monica M. - Chicago, IL


"One word for JUMPSTART EX - amazing!"

One word for JUMPSTART EX - amazing! Although it was just the free sample that I had sent it dramatically improved the couple of days that I used it. I was attending a formal function that ran from 20:00 hours until 05:00 hours and without my 'fix' of JS EX, I wouldn't have seen it through! Your most excellent products are a credit to you all.

G. Forde - Catering HQ, Moray, GB


"... made my workdays much more managable!"

JUMPSTART EX made my work days much more manageable and calm. I was able to focus and get through my day easily! Wonderful !

Kari G. - Breckinridge, CO


"... much easier to focus"

At first I thought it'd be like other products making me shaking and uncomfortable. After reading the other testimonials and ingredients, however, I just thought I would give it a shot. And the energy I had was a very natural feeling. It's much easier to focus and stay that way with no annoying side effects. Thank you and I truly enjoy your products.

Mindy S. - Bethlehem, PA


"... already feeling the benefit of ordering these!"

I received my free samples of JUMPSTART EX yesterday -- already feeling the benefit of ordering these ... Been very down in the dumps over the last month with no energy but already starting to pick up today, also without any side-effects!!! Excellent!! I will be ordering some JUMPSTART EX in a minute. A+++ item.

Cheryl J. - Buckinghamshire, UK


"feelings of euphoria and mental stimulation ... fantastic"

I received two sample packs of JUMPSTART EX. I decided to test drive these one day when I had little to do, and would be able to guage any perceptible effect. I had no expectations, and was quite sceptical of the claims made for the product. I had a light lunch, Took two JUMPSTART EX, started to potter around garden and my workshop. After about half an hour, I began to feel good about what I was doing, but put that down to the creative tasks I was getting on with. After an hour, I was experiencing a gentle euphoria, and mental stimulation. I was really enjoying what I was doing, and was being very creative with it. I was drinking small amounts of water regularly. I felt great. After an hour and a half, any doubts I had about my objectivity/subjectivity were gone. The feelings of euphoria and mental stimulation gradually increased, but remained gentle. After two hours, I took the third capsule. There had been no diminishing of the effects at that point. The product took me completely by surprise. I felt great to a level I had not expected. I was really enjoying myself, and what I was doing, but found the small CD player in my workshop inadequate, so I hauled the good hifi from the house out there. I then forgot about any attempt to analyse the effects, and just enjoyed myself. Working outdoors, on a beautiful day, listening to some excellent music. I also had a bit of a eureka moment. I had been experiencing a small design problem that had been niggling me for weeks, which I wasn't really thinking of. In a moment an extremely simple solution to my problem came to me in a flash. I was now smug AND euphoric. Fantastic! The effects continued for many more hours. There was an imperceptible diminishing of the effects over these hours, without any feelings of a "comedown". At no point did I feel like any of my faculties had been compromised, and felt completely in control. I had no feelings of being "wired" or overstimulated. I had an enjoyable dinner with friends and family,ate lightly, and slept well that night. I had no ill effects the following day. The second sample I took a week later, but one at a time over a longer period. This was equally enjoyable, but without the slight rush I experienced the first time. Thank you very much, I have just purchased a large bottle of these and look forward to introducing some friends to JUMPSTART EX. I would hope they will enjoy JS as a stimulant, without the damage normally associated with their usual tipple. I will report back when I can. Many thanks. JS EX is excellent.

George B. - Scotland


"I have energy, I have fun, and I actually sleep better!"

JUMPSTART EX is excellent. I've had chronic severe anergic depression for years and have found some relief from antidepressants, but the addition of this product to my regimen completely turned things around for me. I'm awake, I'm alert, I have energy, I have fun, and I actually sleep better. My fear was that it would disturb my sleep, but that has not been the case. I love this stuff! Thanks for putting it out there.

Rob H. - LA, CA


"What a great product!"

I did not believe in these type products. I am 70 and golf every Sunday. Before JUMPSTART EX, I would come home after golfing in 95 plus heat and go right to the TV and take 2 or 3 naps. After taking JUMPSTART EX this past Sunday I came home and drank 4 beers with the guys and ask them if they could golf another 18 holes. They were to tired. I did not take a nap and stayed up until 11 pm. This is why I am ordering again after trying your free sample. What a great product! I will pass this information on to my friends to try. Thanks, Dan.

Daniel S. - DeBary, Fl


"I felt enthusiastic and a lot more confident ... "

I started taking JUMPSTART EX yesterday because I knew I would have a very busy day and I just loved it. I had the energy to take care of my four children, exercise, do the daily household duties and go to class in the evening. The best part is that I felt enthusiastic and a lot more confident about everything. I only took one because I usually don't even drink cola drinks and it was enough for me. Thank you for making this product.

Sophie C. - Fulsom, CA


"... feeling great after 20 years of suffering!"

JUMPSTART EX is an excellent product - delivers on all counts! I have depression and I am feeling great after twenty years of suffering.

Danny R. - Arbor Vitae, WI


"It gives me just the boost I need without the jitters... "

I love your product, JUMPSTART EX! It gives me just the boost I need without jitters and I am ordering yet another bottle. Thank you for such a great product!!!

Vicki I. - Ceresco, MI


"I have this inner motivation to simply get things done ..."

I suffered from tension headaches on a daily basis and gradually lost motivation to do daily chores, much less my regular job. I’ve been taking JUMPSTART EX for four days now and I can't believe the difference. I was taking 4-6 migrane pills a day but am now down to 0-1 a day and I have more energy, yet its not overwhelming or makes me jittery. It is a calm energy to stay focused and I have this inner motivation to simply get things done without getting tired or wanting to go to bed early. I even woke up in the middle of the night to jot down some work ideas, which I haven’t done in almost a year now. My thoughts and ideas are as clear as they were before I began feeling this stress and wear, and my headaches are mild to non-existant. THANKS!

Chris C. - Alvin, TX


"...surpassed description!"

JUMPSTART EX surpassed description! Energy boost and a normal feeling was experienced .. thank you .. excellent.

Soni H. - GS, PA


"Thank you for having such a great product!"

I've tried a lot of things, from energy drinks to straight caffeine pills to up my energy levels. JUMPSTART EX not only helped with my energy levels (without any jittery side effects), they've also helped my mood tremendously. Thank you for having such a great product!

Mindy P. - Lima, OH


"easily the most impressive ..."

I have tried other energy boosters and have found that your product is easily the most impressive, both as a stamina and energy booster and also a mood elevator. I actually felt like doing the work that I had been dreading. Equally impressive is JUMPSTART EX's effectiveness as an appetite damper. I will continue to use your products and I thank you for doing it right!

Timo S. - San Diego, CA


"I love this product."

I am so happy to have found JUMPSTART EX. It is affordable and really helps to keep me in balance. After having a baby, it has helped with my energy level and also helps to keep my moods clear. I love this product and the company has been a wonderful experience as a buyer. I really appreciate you.

Jacque A. - Pagosa Springs, CO


"...no adverse side effects and is a truly wonderful product."

JUMPSTART EX is the best over-the-counter supplement I have ever tried. It has no adverse side effects and is truly a wonderful product.

Cathi W. - Mechanicsburg, PA


"I even seem to be getting along with my wife better."

I have been using JUMPSTART EX for 2 months -- my energy level is twice as good as it was before, but the main thing I have noticed is my mental state. I feel a lot more cheerful towards the people around me in my line of work -- retail -- it really helps me with customer relations. I even seem to be getting along with my wife better. Thanks for a great product.

Claude M.. - Chicago, IL


"... gives me that boost I needed to make it through the day."

I am 55 and work from 7:30am till 6:00pm at a home improvement store. I have to unload semi's where there is a lot of heavy lifting. I usually would run out of gas around 3:30 but JUMPSTART EX gives me that boost I needed to make it through the day. I take 1 pill about 11:00 then eat a small lunch at 12:00. I have plenty of energy to make it through the day - thanks for a great product.

Rick L. - Effingham, IL


"...helps me make it through the day."

My experience with JUMPSTART EX is great, I keep ordering this product because it gives me a jump start on my morning and helps me make it through the day, when I'm tired. I like the way it doesn't give me a headache and you don't crash at the end of the day. Thank you, I recommend this product to who ever is sensitive to energy pills, but needs that extra kick.

Rose L. - Toppenish, WA


"...more uplifted and happy, and overall euphoric."

I received JUMPSTART EX 2 days ago and within 1 hour after taking the first dose (1 capsule) with a glass of OJ, I started to feel more energy, more uplifted and happy, and overall euphoric! I started with one capsule around 10am and took another around 2pm. It didn't make me jumpy or disturb my sleep. Excellent. Thank you.

Lulu M. - Houston, TX


"burn rate is effective without being 'rushy'..."

I have used a variety of energy/stimulant products, most don't live up to their claims or are just another caffeine jag. JUMPSTART EX works! Its burn rate is effective without being 'rushy'; and the rest of the formula makes for a Non-Crash finish. JSX is excellent.

Scott L. - San Marcos, TX


"energy, but not the jumpiness ..."

JUMPSTART EX is an awesome product. You have energy, but not the jumpiness that other products give you.

Melinda W. - Livonia, MI


"...this is the best product."

After trying numerous mood enhancers as well as energy boosters I have found this is the best product. Thank you!

Anna F. - Phoenixville , PA


"...not much seems to irritate or annoy me"

I have a job that is stressful, demanding, and requires standing for most of an eight hour shift. Since using JUMPSTART EX, my energy level remains high, and not much seems to irritate or annoy me to the point of loudly vocalizing anymore. A very nice feeling.

Rochelle Z. - Federal Way, WA 


"I no longer feel tired during the day."

I have tried everything to get myself energy. I have Hepatitis C and the main symptom is lethargy. With JUMPSTART EX I get a good night sleep and I no longer feel tired during the day. I have recently had a free sample and I have ordered some more and I can't wait till they arrive. JS EX is excellent. Yours Sincerely, GM.

Gary M. - Dublin, IE


"...an exceptional product"

As an over-the-road truck driver I have tried several products to give me the energy and stamina to make it through the night. I found JUMPSTART EX to be an exceptional product in that it gives me the slight edge I need to stay awake and focused but yet allows me to lay down in the wee hours of the morning and get some rest without any lingering side effects that some of the other products out there do. I will recommend to my fellow truckers. Thanks JUMPSTART EX!

John H. - Paris, AR


"amazed at the energy level and mood enhancement ..."

I ordered JUMPSTART EX for myself as a supplement to caffeine. I have an 8 month old baby and sleep is not always consistent. This has really helped at work to keep going and staying away from the coffee pot has been beneficial. My wife also took one and was amazed at the energy level and mood enhancement. We'll be ordering more.

Darren H. - Byron, MN


"wonderful product..."

I am very happy with JUMPSTART EX - wonderful product, thanks.

Lucinda G. - Victorville, CA 


"alert with energy ..."

JUMPSTART EX is excellent. I take only one pill after a meal and about an hour later I am up and going again. I had no nervous jitters at all, just alert with energy for extra outdoor work that needed to be done.

Vicki I. - Ceresco, MI 


"a calm energy, I don't bounce off the walls ..."

In a world of HYPE it is great to find something that is as good as it claims. JUMPSTART EX is excellent. I have energy all day - a smooth energy, I don't peak then burn out. I get things done. It is a calm energy, I don't bounce off the walls and talk a hundred miles a minute. I am happy - more confidence than ever. I get up in the morning and say, "what am I going to do today?!!" Yesterday I designed a new star for the Christmas tree, shoveled stone in the driveway (filled in the pot holes) then later that day I wrote lyrics to a song; I have never done that before!!

Scott Q. - Ontario, Canada


"Holy Cow!"

Holy Cow! Whatever's doing this to me in JUMPSTART EX, I love it. I am smiling and giddy and feeling awesome! Really good stuff you guys. Best supplement I ever tried! I'll be back for lotta lots more.

Bing E. - Rammstein US Base, Germany


"excellent bolt of energy with extreme euphoria..."

JUMPSTART EX is simply amazing. Like other reviewers on this site, I bought JUMPSTART EX expecting at best mediocre results. What I got instead was an excellent bolt of energy combined with a feeling of extreme euphoria. I have recommended this product to several of my bitchy friends, since they have been using this product, their negative attitudes have changed tremendously. Thanks to JUMPSTART EX, my girlfriends have been able to start dating again. Thanks JUMPSTART EX!

Cassie - Bowie, MD


"works like nothing I tried before ..."

I tried JUMPSTART EX in the morning 30 minutes after a snack with a large glass of water at work. In about 20 or 30 minutes I noticed that my spirit was up and it was like I had some kind of mind energy boost. I started talking to people more and was more of my self. then in 2 days I tried another sample of JUMPSTART EX 30 minutes after food. Well this time me and my wife were going to Seattle from Portland and I could enjoy the music that was in the car, and wasn't depressed from a long drive... it works like nothing I tried before and I want to get more. Thanks.

Aleksey P. - Portland, OR


"lasted strong all day ..."

I have taken many different prescriptions for what the doctors call an "acute case of narcolepsy" i think they just wanted to name it something... but only one of the prescriptions worked but if i took it for more then one week i could not catch my breath... then i tried JUMPSTART EX... it works 100% i took it for 6 days and it worked exactly as you said... i took one in the morning and it lasted strong all day, by the time it was bed time i was actually glad to be tired... Thank you for providing such a great product at an affordable price.

Richard K. - Schenectady, NY


"I have lost 18 lbs ..."

I suffer with depression and JUMPSTART EX has been helpful for this condition. I appreciate it's use as well as a means to reduce my appetite. So far I have lost 18 lbs that I could not have done without it. Again thank you so much for providing this fine product.

Camille L. - Shreveport, LA


"it actually put the want to in me ..."

I received my JUMPSTART EX in the mail today and I took 2 of them with juice as it requests you do, and they worked very well for me. I have been pretty slow on energy lately, and I got some things done that I had been putting off for awhile. it actually put the want to in me. I can't wait to order some more and find out in about a week what they will do. Thanks JUMPSTART EX.

Janet P. - West Fork, AZ


"...I love this stuff"

I just have to tell you how much I love this stuff. I don't gain weight with it and I feel great. Thanks so much for coming up with JUMPSTART EX.

Danielle S. - Doylestown, PA


"it did exactly what you said it would ..."

We just wanted you guys to know your products are great. We tried JUMPSTART EX and it did exactly what you said it would. Now we have told so many people how good these are they are all wanting samples. We will keep telling people about you. Thanks.

Mary Ann E. - Simi Valley, CA


"Very impressed ..."

Very impressed with JUMPSTART EX, and I would highly recommend this to any one. Your service is first class, and I will continue to avail myself of your products.

Tony S. - Brentwood Bay, BC


"gives me amazing energy..."

JUMPSTART EX gives me amazing energy while working out, even after a long day at work. I never experience negative side effects that I would with too much caffeine use or other energy stimulants offered through drinks and fat burner pills. It lifts my mood and energy level at a safe, steady pace, with no crashing a few hours later, and I still get a good night's sleep.

Stacia G. - Oakley, CA


"best natural product ..."

I found with JUMPSTART EX a definite increase in energy and my mood felt uplifted. I also felt a bit of a decrease in appetite. I didnt feel jittery with this product like I do with some other products. Overall I think this product was excellent. it worked within half an hour, it gave me a positive mood and uplift, didnt have too much caffeine in for me as this can have an adverse effect. I drank a glass of water or two every hour and I must say this is the best natural product that I have tried so far and I will definitely order again sometime. They repressed my appetite a bit also.

Janine - Durham, UK


"amazing product ..."

I was feeling tired and a little hungover on sunday after a heavy night! I had concert tickets to see a band called hard fi in leeds on sunday and felt the last thing I needed was loud music. two hours before the gig I took a JUMPSTART EX and within 20 mins was raring to go!!! I felt great at the gig, as well as i had for a long time to be honest!! I will definitely be ordering more of this amazing product. thanks again.

Jami T. - Huddersfield, UK


"... great energy ... but calm ..."

Out of the many products I have taken from various companies I feel this product is worth the most. JUMPSTART EX gives me a great amount of energy but the thing I like most about it is the calm I feel. I find my temper is practically gone and I can handle stress better then I ever could before. My boyfriend has noticed the difference and we are both thrilled. Our relationship has actually improved as well. I had feared I would have to take prescription antidepressants again to control my severe emotional ups and downs but these products have done wonders ... I am also taking mood improve, which does exactly what the name implies. I have just ordered more of your product JUMPSTART EX and also a bottle of SERENE. I am hoping this new product will help me sleep nightmare free. If it does I will continue to order these products from your company for a long time to come. Thank you.

Ann - Phoenixville, PA


"energized longer without feeling hungry or depressed ..."

JUMPSTART EX feels like it's working through out the whole day. I feel more energized longer without feeling hungry or depressed!! REALLY VERY GOOD PRODUCT!!

Jill A. - Fall, CA


"never found anything as powerful and effective ..."

I have tried many forms of energy products; from caffeine to taurine, ginseng, even ephedra....if it claimed it would enhance my energy, I would try it. To this day, I have never found anything as powerful and effective as JUMPSTART EX, not just for an energy boost but for a mood boost too.

Ryan R. - Tempe, AZ


"I feel I can take on the world ..."

JUMPSTART EX is amazing. There's no other word for it. My alertness & focus is much higher, and I don't find myself tiring or losing motivation. I take it every morning and my mood & energy level is heightened and I feel I can take on the world. Thanks guys.

Jami W. - New York, NY


"I started to smile uncontrollably ..."

I must say, JUMPSTART EX really did improve my mood. I was surprised 20 minutes after taking two, I started to smile uncontrollably. For hours, I couldn't help feeling bubbly. And I'm not someone who is ever called bubbly! Thanks.

Trevor W. - LA, CA


"really improves my mood ..."

I will be buying more! JUMPSTART EX is amazing! I am a work at home Mom of two toddlers and I am always stressed and overloaded! This product really improves my mood and helps me have the energy I need to get through the day! Thanks so much!

Crystal H. - Noblesville, IN


"Would recommend this product to all ..."

I took JUMPSTART EX as I had been having difficulty sleeping and consequently felt tired all the time. Not only did it wake me up throughout the day but I also found I slept better at night. I took 2 tablets in the morning with fruit juice and ate a piece of fruit shortly afterwards and then another tablet at about lunchtime. This kept me going all day. Would recommend this product to all. Thanks

John Y. - East Cowton, GB


"energy without giving me the jitters ..."

I tried the JUMPSTART EX pack and it worked very well. It gave me energy without giving me the jitters. Excellent.

Kelly H. - Adairsville, GA


"gives me energy and keeps my mood elevated ..."

JUMPSTART EX seemed to work very well for me. This seemed to give me energy and keep my mood elevated. I had hoped to find something similar to ritalin and I think this is it....THANKS !!

Carol W. - Daphne, AL


"alert and rested and calm and life is good ..."

Once JUMPSTART EX gets going I'm not the same person who half crawled to work in the morning. I've been going thru some tough, sleepless nights and started to be a zombie during the day. taking the normal energy stuff would do nothing or turn me into a zombie on speed-not cool, sometimes I couldn't talk fast enough! JUMPSTART EX starts so gently I don't even notice, I just realize that I'm back to normal and feel alert and rested and calm and life is good. and it lasts for the day, no problems going to sleep at night, just a great product.

Margot - Mesa, AZ


"I was wide awake and in a great mood ..."

I took JUMPSTART EX several times, and every time was about 30 minutes after having a light snack that was high in carbs. It was usually in the afternoon and I would take one pill with a full glass of water. One thing that I noticed is that it takes about 30-45 minutes for the effects to begin, this may have been because of what i ate. The effects felt very natural and not jittery like other stimulants. It made me feel like I was wide awake and in a great mood, a much better feeling then most other energy products. The effects drop off very gradually and its hard to notice, but afterwards I never felt tired or experienced any kind of crash, and I was always able to fall asleep easily that night, unlike with many other products. Overall I would say it is a very good product, that only thing that I would like would be for the effects to start sooner and maybe be slightly stronger, otherwise it is one of the best energy products I have taken. Keep up the good work!

Anthony M. - Bellport, NY


"noticed the energy right away ..."

I recently purchased JUMPSTART EX and I love it. I noticed the energy right away. I had my first baby 6 months ago and I just turned 40 one month ago and needless to say I needed more energy. I am hoping this will help me lose some weight too. Thanks for your product.

Tonya N. - Rembrandt, Iowa


"really helps you get though the day ..."

As a recovering addict, JUMPSTART EX really helps you get though the day.

J. Van S. - Apache Jt, AZ


"Never have felt more energy ..."

AWESOME PRODUCT!!! Never have felt more energy before that actually helped me in school, and other activities. JUMPSTART EX - definitely a must buy.

Pamela F. - Longwood, FL


"kept me alert and feeling well ..."

Excellent. I enjoy the JUMPSTART EX. I don't feel shakey or irritable with your product. I used about 3 all day and it kept me alert and feeling well. I also did not have the usual 3pm sugar needs I normally have. I didn't miss that at all. Thanks for making these.

Lynn S. - Modesto, CA


"I am so impressed ..."

I have recently purchased JUMPSTART EX and I've got to say what a great difference it's made to me. I feel much more alert .. more energetic .. and improved the mood swings ... I am so impressed I am now considering purchasing Appetite Away for weight loss.

Bryan C. - Scotland


"very good product ..."

These pills made me feel like i could get through the day without wanting to rip my boyfriends hair out lol, JUMPSTART EX is a very good product -- will buy again.

Susan L. - Dalry, GB


"really like how this makes me feel ..."

I really like how JUMPSTART EX makes me feel. And thanks to Rafael for the time he took with me.  Great customer service.

Wilm W. - Tampa, FL


"can't believe how good I feel ..."

I love JUMPSTART EX. I can't believe how good I feel, alert and full of energy. This is a god send for me and my husband. Thank you so much.

Carol G. - Los Angeles, CA


"Felt great energy and mood increase."

JUMPSTART EX is excellent. I ordered the sample pack (2 pills) and ... took one pill around 10:30am and felt my energy level and mood level boost within about 20 minutes. I took one more pill around 2:30pm. Felt great energy and mood increase ... I did not have any negative experiences and did enjoy your product. Thanks!

Amanda P. - Houston, TX


"love it ..."

Use it daily now instead of coffee and love it. Much better than anything else I've tried.

Joni B. - Orlando, FL



Thanks and your product JUMPSTART EX is wonderful!

Tighe L. - New York, NY


"LOVE this pill ..."

Whether I had a late night or a long day, I use JUMPSTART EX to get me back to feeling like myself and to have the energy to balance the demands of my job and overly active social life. I LOVE this pill!

Lem W. - Boston, MA


"works very well ..."

JUMPSTART EX works very well as long as you use it with a meal.

Daniel V. - Houston, TX


"... would recommend."

Really liked JUMPSTART EX & would recommend. Thanks!

Theresa B. - Kouts, IN


"... the best energy product I have ever tried!!"

JUMPSTART EX is the best energy product I have ever tried!! Will be telling all my friends about it.

Roberta F. - Humboldt, MN


"more NRG and better mood ..."

Wonderful product. My normally grumpy husband has more NRG and better mood. Also, your customer service is excellent--both personalized and reliable (Mike and Lorraine both very helpful). JUMPSTART EX is excellent.

Donna T. - Chama, NM


"worth every penny ..."

JUMPSTART EX! SUPERB PRODUCT!!! Already feeling the effects, one product worth every penny!!

Chris F. - Longwood, FL



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