Health Benefits of the Mighty Maqui Berry

by 4 Organics

maqui berries for antioxidants

The remarkable maqui berry (Aristotelia chilensis) grows on a shrub in the rainforests of Chile and parts of southern Argentina. Maqui berries look like blackcurrants in color and size, are sweet like most berries, with a slightly tart aftertaste, and have a legendary status amongst a local tribe, the Mapuche, who claim their well-known, fierce power and stamina (they are the only indigenous South American tribe not conquered by invading colonials) is derived from eating the maqui.

Simply put, for such a low caloric content, it has amazing nutritional value, and a well-studied myriad of health benefits.

Most of the characteristics that make this berry a health powerhouse are found in all berries - antioxidants, anthocyanins, polyphenols, etc. The mighty maqui, however, sits at the top of the family tree with a massive ORAC (scale measuring antioxidant value of food) value of 27,600 -- three to ten times that of the popular pomegranate or acai! The maqui is the acknowledged king of all antioxidant sources, performing better on total antioxidant reactivity tests than any other plant source.

Anthocyanin-rich, the maqui contains 137.6 mg per 100g of fruit (even more when dried,) giving it its rich, dark color, and making it equal to the potent concord grape as an excellent source of anti-inflammatories like delphinidins, quercetin and kaempferol that help protect against cell damage, degenerative diseases caused by inflammation (anything ending in -itis), heart disease, and even some forms of cancer (Escribano-Bailon 2006). In fact, studies have shown its potency is as strong as anti-inflammatory drug equivalents but without any negative side effects. Recent clinical trials on arthritis sufferers showed positive results compared to drug treatments. (Miranda-Rottmann 2002)

A Rutgers study in 2011 found that maqui's "anthocyanin content demonstrated insulin-like effects in the rodents' muscles and liver cells". This adds weight to maqui's efficacy in preventing or mitigating diabetes and its symptoms. Maqui berry increases insulin levels and helps to suppress blood glucose production after eating better than any known plant.

Maqui aids in preventing the formation of new fat cells, increasing metabolism and energy levels. It assists the enzymatic system in breaking down and digesting meals. (Munoz 2011)

So to recap, the mighty maqui has benefits across a wide range of health, including:

    • Increased metabolism,
    • weight loss,
    • glucose reduction,
    • slowed aging,
    • immune boost,
    • anti-inflammatory
    • cleansing and detoxiofication,
    • improved digestion,
    • anti-bacterial,
    • improved cardiovascular health,
    • improved skin health,
    • diabetes
    • cancer

It is not easy to get power fruits like the maqui berry into our diet, but dried forms of these fruits show equivalent nutritional potency, so an anti-oxidant "super fruit" supplement like ResveraYouth can bring you the benefits of this amazing health food easily and naturally.

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