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IGF-Plus combines the proven and remarkably powerful benefits of Deer Antler Extract (fastest-developing animal organism in the world) -- its more concentrated proteins, amino acids, and IGF growth factors -- with the slower supporting action of Pure Antler Velvet (which contains the full range of mineral and trace element content.) The result is a truly superior natural health and muscle growth support supplement. Our antler velvet comes from New Zealand red deer and is harvested naturally (when antler fall off each year) without the cruel methods of removal used by unscrupulous farms with no regard for the animal's welfare.

Here are some generalized results from antler velvet clinical trials:

Desired Effect
Muscular Strength
Energy Level
Body Fat Reduction
Sexual Potency
Emotional Stability
Wrinkle Reduction

What is Deer Antler Velvet?

Deer antler velvet is named after the soft, velvet-like covering that deer antlers have before they turn bony. Antlers are organs of bone which regenerate each year from the heads of male deer. In addition to bone, support tissues such as nerves also regenerate. Nerves grow up to 1 cm each day, the fastest growing biologically active tissue known to science. Deer antler velvet contains many substances including amino acids, minerals, proteins, anti-inflammatory peptides, hormones, gangliosides and glycosaminoglycans, and Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (which is known to be the master regulator responsible for body size - NHGRI.)

It represents the only renewable form of cartilage, accounting for its signficant effects on bone and cartilage health and renewal. It is loaded with beneficial collagen, prostoglandin, phospholipids, proteoglycans, minerals, fatty acids and steroids. It is also rich with both chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine sulphate.

The Chinese have long believed that Antler Velvet is a "wonder supplement." A 2,000-year-old scroll discovered in a tomb in Hunan Province, China, listed dozens of different diseases that could be treated with deer velvet. The 16th century "Materia Medica," a standard text of Chinese herbalists, lists deer velvet as one of the most highly prized natural medicinal substances.

Furthermore, research by Dr Andrezj Bartke and the BioMarker Foundation into life-span factors, while studying long-lived Ames dwarf mice, found that the Insulin Growth Factor genetic pathways are directly involved in confering longevity by increasing resistance to stress, enhancing immune function, and altering programmed aging. Nathan Sutter of the National Human Genome Research Institute, one of the National Institutes of Health, states, "IGF1 is amazing. It pops up all over the place... for example, it can account for different risks in a person getting prostate cancer."

Evidence is proving the Chinese were right about Antler Velvet, and IGF-Plus is a powerful modern synthesis of this ancient and life-giving formulation.

What is meant by "growth"?

Growth requires many, many co-ordinated processes in the body, and that in turn means a complex dance of lots of different hormones, which typically are the messengers that tell different parts of the body what to do and when. Growth hormones are the power behind muscle growth. They stimulate both the differentiation and proliferation of muscle cells, amino acid uptake and the synthesis of protein in muscle and other tissues. This is where IGF-Plus' profound ability to influence overall muscle growth comes from.

Our formula uses New Zealand pure deer antler velvet, which is the highest purity and quality available on the market, harvested naturally, and is consequently subject to quota restrictions (which also makes it hard to keep in stock, especially given its remarkable benefits.) We use special techniques that do not employ heat or chemicals to dry the powder so there is no significant loss of nutrient value or density, making our antler velvet supplement the most effective natural form available. Try it for a minimum of 2 weeks to see its full effects.

IGF-Plus has beneficial effects for both men and women. Our new extraction process has increased the growth factor percentage by 300% for an even more effective formula.


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