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Cooking Up Healthy Weight Loss with Fat Burning Foods

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Creating a diet that turns your body into a fat burning machine is easy when you have a plan. Follow this recipe for delicious meals that will help you lose weight as you eat.

Reasons Not to Get Your Pep Boost From Energy Drinks

Posted by     Supplements Blog     views (1061)
Over the last few years, scientific evidence has been mounting about the adverse effects of energy drinks. We consider the liquid approach to raising energy levels and look at why it is a bad idea.

How to Choose the Right Drop Shipping Supplier or Wholesaler

Posted by     Supplements Blog     views (2841)
Choosing the right drop ship supplier for your online business may be the most important thing to your ultimate success. Find out what to look for, what to avoid, and what you need to know.

Calorie Restriction is a Gulp from the Fountain of Youth

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (1359)
Caloric restriction as a technique is still poorly understood and may be the best option we have for prolonging and maximizing our life and health. In this post, we de-mystify the subject and lay out how to best approach CR to reap the clear benefits.

How Guggul Can Help You Stay Trim

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (14237)
Guggul has been used for centuries to promote good health and to help lose extra weight. The gum resin of this thorny little plant has many benefits. We examine the science behind this useful botanical.

Caffeine Can Offer a Myriad of Health Benefits

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (31206)
Coffee is the most widely consumed food on the planet, but there are a lot of health benefits to caffeine that you may not know about and may surprise you. Get a full serving of what caffeine can do for you.

Lose Weight? Control Hunger? Get to Know the Konjac.

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (1634)
The Konjac root offers a whole host of health benefits, and may be the ideal way to lose weight, We discuss glucomannan, the soluble fiber from konjac, and latest research that offers good reasons to add it to your diet.

What You Don't Know About Hops Could Make You Sleepy

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (19696)
Hops is familiar to all of us beer lovers, but this hypnotic plant has proven that it can be very useful in helping calm and relax nerves, as well as promote faster, deeper sleep.

The Uncanny Nightshades - Healthy or Harmful to Eat?

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (924)
Nightshades are a big part of modern diets, but did you know they might be the cause of many health problems? We discuss who should avoid them and why?

Why Kale is King When it Comes to Nutrition

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (1139)
Kale is possibly the most beneficial food on earth. We think it should be a core of any healthy diet, and here's why.
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