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Our staff are passionate about plants. We share our exploration of botanical uses, latest nutritional science, technology, and new discoveries, so check back often for everything from plant properties discussions to novel medicinal applications to recipes taking advantage of health-creating foods. For informational purposes only.

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For the Love of Food, What We Eat Can Heal

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (1268)
We have lost sight of the fundamental and crucial role food plays in our lives and our health, and we have forgotten to embrace the joy of food. We discuss what food means, what foods are right for us, and why we should start a new romance with it.

Easier Weight Loss - Tips for Losing Weight Without Struggling

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (1416)
Tips and ways to lose weight faster and easier. Get help with weight loss, fat burning, and slimming down to look your best.

Why We Should Give Food its Proper Due

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (1109)
How to live a healthy life in proper harmony with the natural world. We have strong opinions about what balance means and why we should be conscious in our relationship with nature.
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