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Our staff are passionate about plants. We share our exploration of botanical uses, latest nutritional science, technology, and new discoveries, so check back often for everything from plant properties discussions to novel medicinal applications to recipes taking advantage of health-creating foods. For informational purposes only.

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Depression? Anxiety? Phenylalanine May be the Answer.

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (4860)
For people suffering from anxiety or depression, an essential amino acid, phenylalanine, may hold the natural solution. We take a look at how it helps as a mood enhancer.

Why You Should Know How Energy is Produced in the Body

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (1068)
Knowing how your body converts food into energy will help you to maximize your energy stores and levels, keeping you vital and full of charge. Learn how to recognize causes of fatigue and address them.

5-HTP - One of the Best Natural Mood Enhancers

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (1157)
When it comes to elevating mood and reducing anxiety, 5-HTP is one of the best natural alternatives. By raising serotonin levels, this amino acid may hold the answers to a better state of mind.

More Benefits of Resveratrol - Anti-bacterial Acne Treatment

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (1596)
Resveratrol continues to impress us with its wide range of health benefits. We examine new studies that show it works as an anti-bacterial agent to prevent and kill acne.

Why are Stimulant Drugs, Energy Pills, Drinks so Popular?

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (1774)
Stimulants have been a part of modern society for two hundred years and are an expression of our need to make things happen faster and easier. We take a look at what makes them so popular.

The Importance of Being Alkaline - Know Your pH !

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (2123)
Although everyone knows the term pH, few people understand just how critical your pH level is to maintaining good health. We revisit the basics of acids and alkalis to underscore the importance of keeping good balance and what it means if you don't.

Is Natural Deer Antler Velvet a Performance Enhancing Drug?

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (1994)
Following the Ray Lewis controversy, antler velvet has been labeled a performance-enhancing drug and banned from use and sale by many organizations and retailers. We explain what is really going on and why this is a mistake.

The Secret to Effective Weight Loss with NEAT

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (33326)
You may be missing an excellent approach to losing weight and burning excess fat called non-exercise activity thermogenesis, and it just might be the biggest weapon in your weight loss program. Learn to love movement and embrace NEAT.

Understanding Energy Usage is Crucial to Weight Loss

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (10032)
Healthy weight is fundamental to good health and to avoiding many lifestyle diseases like cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Understanding the process of energy production in the human body is critical to making smarter choices about how to maintain ideal weight. We break down why.

Why Should I be Concerned About my Cortisol Levels?

Posted by     Health and Nutrition Blog     views (1321)
Cortisol is a necessary hormone for maintaining homeostasis, but excessive levels of cortisol are not only far too common, it can also be highly deleterious to your health. Learn more.
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